Wednesday, January 31, 2001

when you go to the bay cam, take the experience all the way, and download the past hour's worth, making use of handy button for doing so on the site! it looks like a piece of film! you can't miss it.

once you download, which takes a few minutes, you will have a nice little short movie of probably 25 degree weather, see the rain hit the lens and clouds pass overhead, waves in the bay, etc -- really wet and cold and wind blowing! brisk! invigorating! let's go walk out to poe's point!
it was on a day like this one january that i actually let myself get talked into going out on the bay on a little catamaran. in a wet suit. in a fucking near storm. that particular boyfriend was not the brightest of the lot, and it was because of ideas he had, like this, that i didn't like him all that much. this was the second coldest i remember being in my life. maybe 18 years ago? you know the more i remember that guy now the more i feel that he was actually kind of a piece of shit in some subtle ways. but i liked his parents. they lived in magnolia in seattle and his dad grew orchids. his mom cried a little one afternoon.
Today is a good day to check the Bellingham Bay Cam:
Bellingham Bay Cam
this is truly accurate winter weather. kind of like fall and spring only colder and wetter than both. this is a climate that just screams 'depression' nine months out of the year and
the untouched landscape, what's left of it, is terribly beautiful at all times, including in the rain.

visit the bay cam and live.