Friday, January 12, 2001

Get the galoshes: Storm moving in

bad weather brewin' in the old pueblo - as their promotion calls tucson.

-- oh man, the worst storm of the millenium descends upon even us pampered desert people. says chas. the same storm that's raining in bellingham and santa barbara is happening here too. raining also in merced, california? this is god crying over the imminent bush presidency. i find it hard to accept myself. there's so many things i hate about the whole scene i don't know where to start. hte list of comlaints would be endless.

hey -- of course, that calls for a continuing complain about things george w bush does and says. i hereby publicly establish my grudge against george and his minions and forebears, and the ghastly flabby spectre of ronald reagan hovering in the background. nixon behind him.

for ongoing scathing cricitism, when i think to do it, that is, stay tuned to this blog. the big truths will be here. i am a complete liberal reactionary, asnd would to follow it up with a little firepower.

for example, right as this moment, i would go in to israel, take out every single jew that's hostile to the palestinian brothers. i would put them in wyoming. but first i would move everybody in wyoming out, thereby creating a free-floating state of ethnic wyomians, who would become militant for return to their homeland. as for the palestinians, they could all come back from where they are refugees. those jews that wanted to stay and live peacefully with the paletstinians in a united state, would be protected to the utmost by law and any body that fucks with them gets shot. how's that for a solution?

but does anybody ask me? no.