Monday, December 25, 2000

Greetings, Marjie --thanks for the message. It's a good day here, quiet and half overcast.

Okay, only Chas has risen to the challenge. The rest of you are just so lazy. Look at the picture and say something about it. Duh.

Sunday, December 24, 2000

okay, genius still being wasted here, but i've accepted it.
i am scanning in a willeford manuscript that is typed on yellow onionskin. it doesn't scan well. each page is an accomplishment; it's probably just slightly faster than me just typing the whole thing in again by hand.
i bought a high tide green grass cd for james, and then just started playing it instead myself of giving it to him. he has heard it and says he prefers the beatles. me too, but i am appreciating now at this late age the significance of the stones' contribution. when i listened to them last i was 18, probably. a lot of their lyrics suck. i hadn't realized that until now. but what they were doing musically was cool, at least for the first five years or so.
if anyone is reading this, well, it's good you're reading this. it's christmas eve, hi chris, you nihilist, if you're reading this on christmas eve you are as much of a recluse as i am. and to anyone else, whatever spirit out in the ether of the web, have a great sunday, and an even better monday. friday night was the night of power, and we are still in a state of universal beneficence. for like another 24 hours. then it's over and back to work.