Friday, December 22, 2000

Let me add that not one single person has risen to the challenge I mentioned on that last post. I even mailed it to a mailing list of people who claim to like pulp writing. what, does no one in the universe have a sense of humor? am i going to be reduced to telling my friends and family that THEY have to do it, once again?

What a nonparticipatory group, that mailing list. I think up these fabulous ideas and no one even responds. my genius is wasted on them, the fools.
God in Hindu Dharma and Representation in Temples

if you in a state of ignorance about why Hinduism has so many gods etc, then you should read this relatively short article. I am drawn to religious iconography of various kinds, and find Hinduism to be the most satisfying so far.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000


A little seasonal celebration of the creative forces within us. Test your skills as an interpreter of life's nuances.