Friday, December 15, 2000

i haven't quite made the transition back into what i thought of previously as 'my life.' i feel like sleeping. i'm disorganized.

i didn't know where my hair gel was until just now. not that i needed it. it was just that i was combing my hair and got irritated with the way my sideburn type hairs were just being untidy. i fought back the impulse to shave them off and went instead looking for the gel, to subdue the hairs back behind my ears, get them out of my way. anyway, i had actually looked for it TWICE, me, who functions without hair gel as a habit, am suddenly very concerned with where my gel IS. i looked and looked. i gave up. i accepted the hairs being the way they were.

just now, then, i found it, in my bathroom drawer, where i had very sensibly put it on my return from the humid and overcast bahamas.

this all made me realize that, at heart, i don't really care about how my hair looks. i really liked the 1/2 inch thing and i can always go back. once again i have to admit i am not really a perfect girl, along with not being a perfect woman OR a perfect wife OR mother. if i was perfect, i'd care about how my hair looked when i left the house.

how wonderful it is to be imperfect.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

i have returned.
i now know that club med is very like the set of 'the prisoner,' and all that was lacking was the hovering silver sphere.
the food was wonderful.
you had to buy your own drinking water.
it rained every day i was there but the last.
people-wise, probably the highest percentage of smart people oevrall in the group than i've been around before. not to say there wasn't the usual portion of dopes.