Tuesday, November 28, 2000

it's 200 miles east.

Monday, November 27, 2000

i have packed, more or less. at least, i have approached the task with a cold eye, decided to roll the garments most vulnerable to wrinkling rather than to fold them. i check the weather in the bahamas -- at nassau right now it is 77, 100% humidity, dewpoint also 77, therefore. we are going a hundred miles east of there, to san salvador, the very island from whence the europeans began their relentless bulldozing west. some 'scholars' say that columbus actually landed on samana cay, about 60 miles south, and of course there is no way of knowing, and of course it doesn't matter one way or the other anyway.

there is one possible internet conenction on the island, and there will 80 journalists all at each other's throats to use it. i do not care about that, either. as long as the happy club med elves will run a long extension cord out to my palm tree, i will be happy. i refuse to be limited by the puny charge my extra expensive laptop battery provides.
kent bio (dj)

my mention of kent reminded me to push him into the public's eye. read the bio (he wrote it) at the address above and buy his books.
Jim Tully

this is another site o mine. visit it and revel in the extremes of your ignorance, oh unwashed multitudes.

last night i finished mr blue, an autobiographical volume by edward bunker. as my friend kent said, this is the best writing on criminal/prison life extant. have you read it? chris? yeah. i'm talking to you. there's no one else here.