Saturday, November 25, 2000

FAMSF: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
using this search engine you can look at the thousands of cool items in various collections in san francisco fine arts museums. the site mentions that all of the items pictured "belong to the people of the City and County of San Francisco." so you residents of SF, get on down there and get in line. but decide what you want first, so they can find it easily, and tell them i sent you.
preparing to go to florida and then the bahamas, on wednesday. i'm not sure how i feel about the whole thing, but it's a free trip and some good friends are gathering there at the same time, so i will take it all in and strap on that bad attitude that accompanies the tiger pants.

Friday, November 24, 2000

MissingMoney - Check Often to find your missing money!

there is no missing money for me but still it may be that your name is here and a distant relative of whom you had no knowledge has expired peacefully and left you their fortune.

yesterday a friend gave me some written comments from two sections of English 100 she teaches at the local community college. she was worried i was going to have my feelings hurt (WHAT feelings????) or suffer some kind of profesisonal angst. but i have FAR too much innate self-esteem for that. besides which, their comments tend to echo what i've heard from a few agents who have read my MS. i'm just not quite as girly as i ought to be, or something, and they all have the impression that i'm a grim, anger-powered manhater. this is not the real me, because i am really kind and thoughtful and have a lot of men in my family. it just shows how successful i am at creating fictional voices.

the comments:

I’m nobody to tell you how to run your life. We all agreed about your great writing skills. If I had the same skills I would have used it to make our world a better place to live. We all have our own demons to fight.
(make our world a better place to live....yeah. social architecture through popular fiction. i think this has been tried before.) (if he wasn't going to tell me how to run my life, why did he? always beware remarks prefaced with this opening -- and dig out some new testament quote to defend yrself -- 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' -- no self-righteous pollyanna can stand up to an aptly applied new testament citation. old testament is good too but the new testament really hits em where it hurts.

Sorry, but I missed your presentation, but were you really wearing leopard pants? (Tiger print.)

I believe you are very talented, but the presentation could have been more tasteful.
(i used bad words)(and i don't care)

I think you’re very passionate and talented, but I think that you were a little too comfortable with your speaking. Maybe you should be more cautious around people you don’t know. (oh right --)

Thought that putting it out there is the only way to go. Good stories. Cool pants. (you're cool too. i remember this guy. he was like about 19 and had a hat sideways and would have talked through my whole thing if i hadn't nailed him at the outset)

I appreciate your honesty and realness. (thank you, thank you)

Act professional.(I DID) Too much hate.(You think so?)

I think your imagination could be better used in a positive manner.

there were others but they were positive, and not nearly as amusing as these. my favorite really is 'too much hate.' the day someone calls my work 'morally repugnant,' i'll know i've arrived.

Architecture & Design


beautiful green 'prairie style' ceramics, which my uncle ed used to collect. designed by wright and sullivan and their ilk.

Thursday, November 23, 2000 Mothers Who Think | One Hundred Demons

the real story on adolescence in the early 70s
dennis finds my interest in catholicism disconcerting. i'm not exactly mocking it, so what is it i'm doing, me, the nihilist? he does not understand that i like all religions that have a heavy iconography. hinduism is the best in this respect. i am actually a closet hindu at the moment.
i like iconography because it attempts, in a thoroughgoing sort of way, to give the viewer a complete picture of the universe. the thing i like about hinduism over any branch of christianity, though, is that it allows as how the whole thing, creation, is itself a manifestation of a great void of unknoweableness. chaos. and that's a system i can live with.

so i am not a catholic or a hindu or a jew or a muslim. i reject it all, and accept it all, at the same time.
Patron Saints Index: Felicity

here is a saint for today. these women got killed at least twice. it is presented as if it is a positive thing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

i forgot to mention that two days ago was my younger sister's 32nd birthday; this is always important.
still no motivation to change the appearance of this little blog unit; but as i am a content-first kinda person, it only bothers me once in a while. looks are nothing, unless you are of course selling something, like yourself, and looks without content are LESS than nothing.

you might as well look at my commercial site. it's pretty good, chock full o content and wiseacre remarks.

Monday, November 20, 2000">Bellingham Bay Cam

this cam sits on the top of a complex of buildings in which fish of various kinds and vegetables also are brought and processed and frozen and distributed to the multitudes. it looks out at lummi island much the way my childhood bedroom window at home did, being very close to that spot coastline-wise.

the almost-constant overcast is remarkable. i get uneasy if i check in with the cam and see that the sky's clear.

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Charles Willeford

this is my charles willeford site. he was a good brave man and he knew what was what.
Welcome to Single Catholics Online -- The Marriage Resource for Serious Catholics

who ARE these people? they're at the grocery store, both of them. does this mean the grocery store is a good way to meet other catholics?
this blog waits for me to pay attention to it; yet i will not do it.